Property Finance

As a business owner or individual, you need a financial solution that meets your needs and helps you meet your goals? Getting the best finance option is also essential for the growth and sustainability of your business. Interlease can help you get the best finance option regardless of what industry you are in. Interlease saves you time and effort so you can focus on what you do best; running your business.

Commercial Property Finance

Buying property in both the residential and commercial sectors is often complex, especially when the market is ever-changing and with turbulence amongst many lenders. To go it alone can be an arduous and time consuming exercise, especially when you could be spending time with your family or working on your business. At Interlease, we make the task easier for you because our goal is to take care of the analysis and sourcing of the best deal for you. Whether you are trying to purchase your first home, invest, source money for a construction project or purchase new offices for your business, Interlease can help. Our Property Finance solutions include:

  • Commercial Property Finance
  • Construction & Property Development Finance
  • Investment Property Finance
  • Residential Property Finance