Conserving Your Business Capital

Conserving your Business Capital

Working capital with no limitations

Having no limitations on your working capital is an ideal business situation, however the reality can be a lot more challenging. The financial crisis reminds business of every size that when the market changes you need immediate access to funds, and that can be the biggest hurdle of all. You may see potential business opportunities, suppliers may be offering large discounts, however your traditional sources of finance, such as the bank, may not share your enthusiasm and confidence. This is where alternate finance strategies, ones that often only finance specialists are aware of, come into their own.

No need to have all your eggs in one basket

Banks have traditionally been the places companies turn to for cash and it is very important to preserve your relationship with your bank while at the same time reducing your reliance on them. At Interlease we believe in the principle of not putting all your eggs in one basket. For example, you may keep your loan and overdraft with your bank and use alternate finance options on equipment and peripherals. We can help you to identify the most effective finance arrangement that includes, but is not exclusive to the bank.

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